#1: Odeon of Herodus Atticus

Today we travelled from Athens to Epidaurus. Sitting in the lobby of our hotel in the foothills of the Epidaurus theatre it’s time to evaluate yesterday’s measurements. Before sunrise we stood in front of the gate of the Odeon of Herodus Atticus theatre, ready to go. After the guard arrived, we could enter the theatre. The preconceived measurement setup didn’t occur without any hitches. We forgot an important file which we needed for our measurements, so someone had to go back to the hostel. After a short discussion we decided running would be the quickest solution. So Bareld and Bas ran down the Akropolis to the hostel to pick up the laptop with the file. With a 20-minutes delay we could start the measurements. In the end this false start had no influence on the measurements, we could conduct all planned measurements within the planned time-path. Late in the evening the guard closed the gate again and we got back to our hostel.

Thanks to Rob van der Meijs (Da Capo) we were provided with twenty microphones. Due to this amount of microphones we were able to do 200 measurement positions, both in the morning and the evening. These positions were divided over 10 measurement lines. We used two sound sources which we rotated five times for each position to get a reliable result. All this together leads to an incredible amount of over 2000 source-receiver combinations.

Accompanied by a plate of delicious gyros and a cold Greek beer we analysed a few measurement data points. This is a very accurate and time consuming matter in which much risks lie in wait; a difference of a few milliseconds will lead to useless results. So far, the measurements looks reliable and we can speak of a successful measurement day!

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