#3: Theatre of Argos

Today is the day of our departure to Eindhoven. The alarm goes off too early again, but we’re all on time to check out of our hotel. After a two-hour ride we arrived at the airport and we unfortunately had to exchange the sunlit Greek sky for a spring storm in the Netherlands.

Let’s go back to our last days in Greece. After the rainy Sunday, the sun welcomed us in Argos. The theatre was in many ways different from the other two theatres we measured last week. First of all, this theatre was the one in the worst condition and secondly the shape of the theatre was different. While the plan of the theatres in Epidaurus and Athens were almost half circles, the one in Argos was more or less a bended rectangle with a large height compared to its width. Besides the different shape, this one was with its 85 rows the highest theatre. But this was no problem for us as experienced stair climbers.

Because of the relatively small width, we decided to measure four lines in the theatre. Two long lines all to the top of the theatre, and two shorter lines. Since we had to deal with such a large distance, a longer signal compared to the one used at Epidaurus had to be used to ensure good quality measurements.

Initially we planned one day to prepare our measurements and one day to conduct the measurements. But because of the relatively small amount of lines that we had to measure, we chose to do the preparations as well as the measurements on the same day. So after a quick survey five team members went back to the hotel to pick up the measurement equipment. Like a well-oiled machine the setup was build up and we could start our measurements.

At the end of the day when the measurements were done we went back to the hotel with a positive feeling about our measurement expedition. Yesterday we had our (deserved!) first day off in two weeks. We went to Mycenae, a 4000-years old city, to see the legacies of their buildings. After a typical Greek lunch we enjoyed a beer at the sunny shore of Nafplio. In the evening we packed our backs and prepared ourselves for the trip back to Eindhoven.

In the end we can look back on a successful expedition and we come back to you later when we have the results of our measurements!

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