Back to Athens?


It might seem to be calm around the Ancient Acoustics project after our sold-out event during the Dutch Design Week. Nothing could be further from the truth, since we have been working on the analysis of the measurement data to get enough input for the four abstracts that we wanted to submit for the ‘23rd International Congress on Sound & Vibration’ in Athens. The subject of this congress is ‘From Ancient to Modern Acoustics’. You might ask yourself if this has something to do with our research, or vice versa? Not at all. But it suits us very well!

This is a great international platform where we would like to present our results. Due to the large scope of our research we decided to not present all our results in one paper, but spread it out over four topics: measurement technique, measurement data, simulation models and stage acoustics.

The four abstracts built up around these subjects are submitted just before the deadline (December 1st 23.59h). They will be reviewed together with the 547 other abstracts that were submitted. Before the 30th of December we will be informed if our abstracts are accepted. If so, the full-length papers have to be delivered in March and hopefully we will present them in July during the congress in Athens.

We will keep you in the loop. Fingers crossed!

After a long silence we are happy to announce that all of our abstracts have been accepted for the congress. In the coming months, the Ancient Acoustics team will become more active again when we work hard to make the deadline of April 30th for the full articles. There is more to come!

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