NVBV publication

At the end of 2016 we were asked to write an article about the expedition for the ‘Bouwfysica’ by the Dutch Flemish Building Physics Association (NVBV). ‘Bouwfysica’ is a technical journal for readers who work in the field of building physics. The article was published at the end of 2016 on paper, but now we […]


From Athens to Valkenburg

On the 5th of November, the Ancient Acoustics team was invited by the Dutch Outdoor Theatre Association (Vereniging Nederlandse Openluchttheaters) to give a presenation in the open air theatre of Valkenburg. On this annual meeting, members from all across the country were present in the south of the Netherlands. The atmosphere was extraordinary. The entourage […]


Yes! Back to Athens

Hi there! After another long pause, we can finally provide an update on the progress of the Ancient Acoustics project! During the past months our team has been working hard on no less than 4 papers for the ICSV congress which will take place from the 10th till the 14th of July in Athens. The […]


Back to Athens?

It might seem to be calm around the Ancient Acoustics project after our sold-out event during the Dutch Design Week. Nothing could be further from the truth, since we have been working on the analysis of the measurement data to get enough input for the four abstracts that we wanted to submit for the ‘23rd […]


Ancient Acoustics on DDW2015

In the past months the Ancient Acoustics team has been working hard on processing all the measured data. It is still too early to publish results, but we really want to share the current state of our research with everyone that is interested. Today we are happy to announce that Ancient Acoustics will be present […]


EuroNoise2015 & time-lapse video

The past days the beautiful city of Maastricht was the acoustic center of Europe. EuroNoise2015 was in town! The NAG and the ABAV were given the honor of organizing the 10th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering. Members of the Ancient Acoustics team were present at the congress. But more importantly, a time-lapse […]


Colaboration PelserHartman

PelserHartman is specialised in 3d measuring, drawing and modelling of existing buildings, objects and installations. They are concerned with research, development of knowledge and skills and combine the best techniques to map structures for every purpose. PelserHartman regularly uses their 3d-scan equipment to map historic and old buildings. Their affinity with old buildings was one […]


NPO wetenschap

Between the 21st of March and the 1st of April the Ancient Acoustics research expedition finally took place! NPO wetenschap made a short video item about our journey.


#3: Theatre of Argos

Today is the day of our departure to Eindhoven. The alarm goes off too early again, but we’re all on time to check out of our hotel. After a two-hour ride we arrived at the airport and we unfortunately had to exchange the sunlit Greek sky for a spring storm in the Netherlands. Let’s go […]


#2: Theatre of Epidaurus

A rainy Sunday afternoon in Nafplio (near the Argos theatre) gives us time to write about our measurements in the Epidaurus theatre. While I’m writing this blog, sitting in a coffee corner, the other group members are analysing some of our data, checking the balance and thinking about the measurements in the Argos theatre. Last […]


#1: Odeon of Herodus Atticus

Today we travelled from Athens to Epidaurus. Sitting in the lobby of our hotel in the foothills of the Epidaurus theatre it’s time to evaluate yesterday’s measurements. Before sunrise we stood in front of the gate of the Odeon of Herodus Atticus theatre, ready to go. After the guard arrived, we could enter the theatre. […]


The day before…

Today, the preparations for tomorrow’s measurements at the Odeon Herodus Atticus theatre were made. The theatre is mapped geometrically by use of a Total Station, all measurement positions were marked, the detailed measurement plan is ready and we performed a few small tests. Where all tourists had to stand behind the fence to see the […]


To measure is to know

Ancient Acoustics starts a collaboration with the mapping specialists of PelserHartman. This collaboration covers the provision of the required equipment and the use of their specialized knowledge to process the measurement data. The equipment and data are essential to produce reliable 3D-models of the theatres. These models can subsequently be used in combination with the […]


News update

Today was a really important day for the expedition-group: for the first time an outdoor theatre was the decor of our measurements. The ‘Kersouwe’ theatre in Heeswijk-Dinther opened her doors and gave us all day to perform our measurements. We hereby thank the volunteers of outdoor theatre Kersouwe for their hospitality! The aim of the […]


Test measurements

In preparation for the measurement expedition, acoustic outdoor measurements were conducted on the lawn in front of the Acoustical lab on the TU/e campus. Despite of the low temperatures, the weather circumstances were good, it was totally dry and every now and then the sun showed itself. We carried out a line measurement over approximately […]


New sponsors

We are very happy to announce that Ancient Acoustics has welcomed its first sponsors. LBP | Sight will be supporting the expedition as a main sponsor. In addition, the University Fund Eindhoven (UFe) and the Dutch Flemish Buildings Physics Association (NVBV) will also be supporting us as sponsors. Ancient Acoustics is still looking for parties […]



Today is a big day in the preparations of the research expedition. The website is now online and the information brochures have been sent to companies in the engineering working field.In the coming weeks this blog will be regularly updated with news about the preparations. We will also share information on the Greek theatres, the […]