Colaboration PelserHartman

PelserHartman is specialised in 3d measuring, drawing and modelling of existing buildings, objects and installations. They are concerned with research, development of knowledge and skills and combine the best techniques to map structures for every purpose. PelserHartman regularly uses their 3d-scan equipment to map historic and old buildings. Their affinity with old buildings was one of their main reasons to start a collaboration with us and help us with mapping the Greek theatres.

As previously mentioned in the blog “To measure is to know”, PelserHartman trained us in using the Total Station and mapping the theatres. Equipped with the knowledge, mapping the theatres still proved to be a major challenge: Hundreds of passing visitors, heavy downpours, the humongous size of the theatres and the varying state of the bleachers did not exactly made the mapping that much easier. Eventually we successfully obtained useful data in all three theatres.

We performed the most successful measurements in the Odeon of Herodus Atticus due to its excellent condition. The smooth surfaces turned out to be ideal for performing the point-measurements with the Total Station. Argos and its bad conditions were less suitable for mapping, but here the Total Station proved its worth by exactly measuring the positions of the microphones relative to the sources.

In the near future we hope to expand our collaboration. At the moment, we are working hard on a possible return to the Odeon of Herodus Atticus with the goal to scan the theatre with advanced 3d-scan equipment. With this equipment and the expertise of PelserHartman we are able to make a highly accurate model of the theatre. To be continued!

Click here for more information on PelserHartman and examples of their projects.

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