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Today was a really important day for the expedition-group: for the first time an outdoor theatre was the decor of our measurements. The ‘Kersouwe’ theatre in Heeswijk-Dinther opened her doors and gave us all day to perform our measurements. We hereby thank the volunteers of outdoor theatre Kersouwe for their hospitality!

The aim of the measurements was to test the measurement method, get an indication of the time path per measurement/step and fix possible problems here in the Netherlands. We want to be prepared the best way possible when we take off to Greece and don’t waste any time on things we could prevent.
The weather was in our favour; we encountered no rain and were accompanied by a smooth spring breeze. The monumental looking outdoor theatre is beautifully situated in a forest. The theatre was built in the mid 40’s and can accommodate 2000 visitors.

In total we performed 7 line measurements. Each line consists of 6 microphones and two meteorological stations. Per line the source has to produce a signal 5 times (5 stepwise source rotations) to ensure reliable results. This comes down to 210 acoustic measurements for the whole theatre. At first sight the results look good, but the data analysis has to confirm this.

We are excited to announce that Ancient Acoustcis has welcomed some new sponsors and contributors. The new main sponsors are: DGMR, Level Acoustics and the chair of Building Acoustics from the TU/e. Further, we are glad to welcome our new contributors: the Dutch Association of outdoor theatres, Bureau voor Levend Leren, Outdoor theatre ‘Kersouwe’ and Nelissen Ingenieursbureau. We would like to thank all of these parties for their support and their confidence in our research!

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